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2008-02-11 13:27:09 by pineapplelover

well.... im kinda sad..... so yeah.... im new to NG but im not new to flash... thats kinda been my thing.... so i get to this place and hope to show all my work ive done lately.... so im on the computer looking through my shiz nick and leave for a lil while(school) thens i gets back and my computers operating systems are erased and of course i didnt make anything to keep my work from beig destroyed.... well i had one back up of a half finished music video kinda thing that was really crappy... so yeah.... im screwed... it will be a while before anyone(no one knows me neeway) will see anything from me..... plzz pray fer meh.... *boo hoo*


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2009-12-10 05:44:25

That really sucks, dude.